Three Counties, One Mission: Leave No Trace

California Coastal beaches and public parks are experiencing rises in visitation year over year as important outlets for mental and physical health. Over 10 million people annually visit the California coastline and adjacent communities across Marin, Sonoma, and Mendocino counties. Even more staggering, over 55,000 pounds of trash were picked up from the sensitive coastal environment across the three counties in 2021 alone.

Annual Visitors
0 Million
Lbs Trash Removed

In June 2022, Marin, Sonoma, and Mendocino Counties launched a coordinated initiative to develop visitor education and outreach to reduce the amount of litter and waste in coastal regions and watersheds through a three-county memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the nonprofit Leave No Trace. The partnership includes coordination with local, state, and federal agencies, federally recognized tribes and non-federally recognized tribes, local jurisdictions and land managers, the Environmental Action Committee of West Marin (EAC), Sonoma County Tourism, and other community-based groups across all three counties.

Since July 1, 2023, the Environmental Action Committee of West Marin (EAC) has managed the Cleaner California Coast initiative. EAC actively collaborates with partners across three counties, manages contracts, and is instrumental in the implementation of the project’s Scope of Work. EAC is the place-based leader in the collaborative who actively works to secure future funding and hire contractors, county liaisons as well as the marketing and communications consultant.

Throughout the remainder of 2024, EAC, partners, and the dedicated Working Group will continue to develop partnerships across the three counties and support bilingual access to information and resources to reduce human impacts along the coastline through consistent messaging aligned with Leave No Trace practices.

The Cleaner California Coast team recognizes the importance of Leave No Trace principles and sees the CCC Initiative as a central hub for residents and visitors to practice county-specific Leave No Trace activities aimed at safeguarding coastal environments and communities.

Throughout the remainder of 2022, the four partners and a dedicated working group of individuals developed the initiative’s two foundational resources: bilingual Leave No Trace coastal visitation messaging and a five-year strategic framework establishing outcomes, measurables and activations to reach the visiting public with Leave No Trace practices.

The working group recognized the importance of Leave No Trace practices and saw the new initiative as a central hub for local county activities aimed at safeguarding coastal environments and communities. Cleaner California Coast was officially launched in June 2023.

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